Fierce competition and some of the hardiest athletes in all of Europe all going head to head in order to achieve their goal of winning gold. Welcome to the European Championships in Glasgow.

Occasionally an opportunity presents itself that is just far too good to pass up on – for DWD Photography in 2018 I think photographing the European Championships for Spacesuit Media was that golden opportunity.

I’ve had the pleasure of travelling across the globe to photograph all manners of sport; from motorsport all the way to cycling but there was something intrinsically different when we headed up towards Glasgow to cover the European Championships in it’s inaugural year. There was a sense of grandeur, a real feeling that this was a gathering of Europe’s best athletes.

We were commissioned to be covering 4 different sports across our regrettably short time at the event, first up for us was the BMX at a brand new venue in the Knightswood area of Glasgow. A short bus ride from the main championship hub took us right into the heart of our first on-track action for the day. We’ve photographed cycling before but there was something about the scale of this event that just meant the atmosphere was electric. I’ve witnessed a few ‘iconic’ moments in sports now, but hearing the crowd cheering a full volume for the two British riders in the mens cycling finals was incredible.

Incredible, is a word that actually seems quite apt for the European Championships. Everywhere you turned was another sport showing athletes competing in a sport on another worldly level. Whether it was the road race where cyclists powered through the drab of Glasgow on a tricky, wet, cobbled course at break neck speeds or the gymnasts who threw everything on the line to be at the top of the leaderboards. There was always something to catch your eye and amaze you.

At each of the events that followed for us more ‘incredible’ moments were placed before us. We came away from the weekend feeling like we’d witnessed something truly magical – and something that we definitely want to return to in future.

Take a look below through some of our favourite images from our time in Glasgow.



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