We went down to the woods today… well at the weekend for some doggie fun with our two favourite ginger girls

It is not all work here at DWD. Sometimes we get to do things for fun. And what’s more fun than a day out with our dogs! Especially as it was my little monkey’s birthday at the weekend. I can’t believe she is five. The time seems to just fly by and I find myself enjoying every second with her. She makes such a fab companion on adventures.

So this weekend we decided to meet up for a long awaited play date. These two haven’t seen each other for weeks, so it was about time we headed down to the woods… not in search of a big surprise, but more to just enjoy ourselves in this glorious weather.

If you live local to mid Lincolnshire, then it seems the place to go is Ostlers Plantation near Woodhall Spa. If you have never been, it is a great place to take your dog. There is a fence all the way around the perimeter so if you are worried they might run off, then you have that secure knowledge that they can’t get out. That makes it sound small, but it really isn’t…It is massive! You could easily get lost.

Set in the remnants of an old RAF base, there are many routes and pathways through the trees which are juxtaposed with the dregs of old buildings and the broken roads. As you weave your way through the magical surroundings within the sunlight breaking through the trees you realise just how lucky you are.

The girls managed to have a good time too, sniffing and exploring in the undergrowth. Everyone had a great time and what better way to show it than in photos. Here are a selection of our favourites below.

Don’t forget, you could book us for a pet lifestyle photography shoot at Ostlers Plantation, just drop us a message!



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