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Adam Pigott

I started my photography career in 2008, I always had a passion for creativity and wanted to capture the world of motorsports (as I am a car nerd!). I got a job working for an online magazine which helped to launch my motorsports career. Since then I’ve worked for a wide range of media outlets including agencies, websites and even car manufacturers helping every client to get the photographs they need to set themselves apart from the competition.

In 2013 I won the highly prestigious Renault MSA Young Photographer of the Year competition, a nationwide motorsport photography competition ran by the UK governing body which awarded young talent for their achievements. This led to opportunities to photograph top level sports such as Formula One, the World Rally Championship and IndyCar in the America.

As a photographer you always look for new challenges to conquer and explore. I love trying new techniques, or applying techniques I’ve learnt elsewhere into new environments such as sports, weddings, lifestyle events. It’s all about capturing “that moment” in the best way possible and that’s a rush to me like no other.

Helen Olden

I have always been a creative person and love to capture beautiful things, a moment in time, saved forever. I love looking for interesting perspectives, patterns or colours in whatever I photograph, always looking for that next perfect photo.

I always have a camera on me whether it is my iPhone, my GoPro or my DSLR. There is always something to take a photograph of!

I am relatively new to shooting as a professional photographer, however I have jumped in with both feet and make sure that in whatever I shoot, I am always trying to capture the perfect moment, whether it is the emotion of a bride as she says her ‘I do’ or the determination of an athlete pushing for the win. I always look forward to a challenge and am always willing to try new things and experiment with different techniques.

And there is one thing I can’t get enough of photographing… and that is my beautiful dog Toffee. She is an inspiration to me and always keeps me on my toes (and my finger on the shutter!).


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  • We were over the moon with the service we received from DWD Photography. Their love and understanding of dogs really showed through in the stunning photos that they took of our crazy dog, only problem was trying to work out which ones to go on the walls!

    Stella & Martin Lincoln